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Learn Alexander Technique in New York City with certified Alexander Technique teachers Hope Gillerman and Heather Snyder

Do you have a physical problem you would like to solve, such as lower back pain, tension headaches, or sciatica?

Do you suspect your symptoms are linked to posture and tension but can't figure out how to change it yourself?

Though you may not realize it, the way you move through your daily activities can cause muscle spasms and repetitive strain injury. Under the expert guidance of an Alexander Technique teacher, you can learn how to change your movement habits while learning effective stress management skills and relaxation techniques.

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"With the Alexander Technique you become more in tune with your body as you learn to let go of your body's tension."

Hope Gillerman, Self Magazine, April 1999

"When I started working with Heather I hoped she could help speed my recovery from a herniated disc in my lower back. Now, just one year later, my lifelong back pain is non-existent and I have gained a renewed freedom and lasting comfort in all my daily activities."

Heather Snyder's student, Rachel


Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Exercise Routine?
by Heather Snyder, certified Alexander Technique and Pilates instructor

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Updated January 10, 2008